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BikeOdyssey is a web site prepared by Gary and Gloria of Danbury, Connecticut to provide information concerning our participation in the Odyssey2000(tm) bicycle ride to our friends, family and basically any other human being in the world with an Internet connection and the misfortune to find a link to our web site. Although the main intent of the web site is to provide valuable and interesting resource information, there may be an occasional section which contains content the Webmaster deems to be humorous. If you have a missing humor gene, you may mistake these sections for outrageous lies.

Ride basics:

The ride started near Los Angeles, CA at the Rose Parade on January 1, 2000 and ended December 31, 2000 back where it began. Since the year 2000 is a leap year, the ride will be 366 days long with about 260 of those days in the saddle. We are currently scheduled to ride through 50 countries and cover just under 20,000 miles.   About 250 riders are planning to participate in this year long ride.   The ride will have its high points (the Andes and the Alps) and its low points (sore butts).   And you thought you had Y2K problems. (Due to what in our opinion was gross ineptitude on the part of the organizer, our involvement with the Odyssey ended in September. About 50 of the riders completed the ride, the bulk of the 250 who started left after the organizer required an additional $3,000 for the last month of the ride.)

Route information:

Click here for an alphabetical listing of the countries which the bike route will probably travel through. The listing includes mileage and time information for each country as well as providing links for additional information on the countries.

Qualifying examination

In addition to the rather large financial commitment required for ride participation, there is also a somewhat stringent screening process which is designed to ensure that the ride provides a stimulating intellectual environment along with the outstanding touring experience. Although answers will not be available until after the ride begins, you can review the qualifying examination used to screen the riders --).

BikeOdyssey travel diary

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